Most students are funded to attend 3 days and these will be decided after the placement is confirmed. The college day is 9am-3.30pm. There may be a possibility of extending the provision to 4 or 5 days via social care funding.
This depends which workshop you choose and which days you attend. You can choose between woodwork, pottery, textiles, farm, garden and animal care.
We like to keep the groups small so there will usually be about 7 students plus a tutor and support staff.
That will depend on the type and level of support you need. All students have a tutor and a welfare contact. If you need support from a speech and language therapist or an occupational therapist, we have those staff on site. We work with outside agencies e.g. CAMHS, social workers, Sensory Impairment Team and other health professionals. We can provide 1:1 support if this is necessary, however, our students are working on improving their independence as much as possible.
Oh yes! There is a morning tea break and one in the afternoon too. You can bring a snack to eat during teabreak.
Students bring a packed lunch from home. Lunch time is between 12 – 1pm. You’ll eat lunch in one of the halls and then join in one of the lunchtime clubs.
Transport is arranged by families via the local authority or if you prefer they can drop you off/collect you.
We don’t have a college uniform. What you wear depends on what and where you’re learning. In the outdoor sessions we provide PPE
Not formal homework but it is a good idea to practice what you are learning at home. For example in Independent Living Skills you may be learning to make a simple meal. You could practice this at home and impress everyone!
There is always someone to talk to at college. Every student has a Welfare contact. All the staff are happy to talk to you about what is on your mind and will try to help you.
Yes, you may bring a phone into college but we ask that you do not use it in sessions, just at break times.
Some of our students are residential students and go home at the weekend or end of term. Other students sometimes stay with us using their respite budget. They stay in one of the houses on campus and join in the evening activities.
This will be planned with your family and social worker. You may have had offsite work experience and this placement may carry on. Some of our students move on to live at another Camphill village or move onto our social care programme, which includes day and residential opportunities. Others transfer the skills they have learned with us into supported living.

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