Camphill Wakefield is an inclusive land and craft based charity, committed to delivering holistic further education to SEND young people. We strive to provide a unique, practical and purposeful vocational and creative environment. We aim to develop each student’s agency, by providing “hands-on” learning with an employability focus, we enable all our students to be heard, understood and make a positive transition to adulthood.



Camphill Wakefield strives to be the “Provider of Choice” for SEND land and craft based education and care in Yorkshire, with residential students and adults from further afield. We wish to be a responsible community partner to a wide range of organisations that share our values. Our community ethos, land based campus and welcoming accommodation can enhance the experience and engage a wide range of individuals and groups with SEND needs. 

Our vision is to fully utilise our campus and resources, work in collaboration with stakeholders, families and funders, build on our established reputation with employers and wider partners to ensure Camphill students receive a unique and purposeful education that launches them onto greater opportunities in the future.



We value and celebrate diversity and are committed to the advancement of equality and inclusion. We embrace the principles of fairness, respect, and engagement. We seek to work ethically and see every interaction as a partnership opportunity. We seek to foster mutual support and embrace the spiritual uniqueness of everyone.

We communicate our needs and expectations openly, and in the spirit of reflective tolerance, we strive to find common ground with those whose expectations are different.

We put learning at the centre of everything we do. We celebrate learning for others and learn ourselves from our successes and failures. We recognise that small steps can extend to high achievements. We celebrate the learning experienced by following “the seed to the plate” and using raw materials, sourced on site, to create finished craft products. We use hands-on learning in land and craft as be believe in the strong connections with land and animals in the seasons cycles. 

We cherish the environment taking responsibility for the stewardship of the land, using biodynamic and organic principles. We respect the natural rhythms and balance of our land.  We respect and care for our animals and we are committed to the future of our wildlife. We aim to be a green beacon and support local community inclusion.