Day Services

Adult Social Care

After leaving Education, Camphill Wakefield provides a Day Services provision on Monday-Friday from 9am to 3.30pm. Our social care service offers meaningful activities inside and outside of college. These include:

  • Life Skills
  • Garden Activities
  • Small Animal Care
  • Pottery
  • Multi Crafts

Outside of college, our community access coordinator provides the opportunity for our students to participate in volunteering. Some examples of this volunteering include: environmental projects; helping out at foodbanks; and gardening at the allotments.

Day services students are given the opportunity to develop their existing Life Skills by creating goals and aiming to hit targets to progress on to the next stage of their lives. Students have a lot of input into leisure activities as well as life skills activities. They work with staff to plan plenty of trips out to leisure facilities such as the cinema, bowling and lovely walks in various locations.

Our Day Services Manager, Michelle Tooala, oversees the provision and works alongside staff, parents and carers to help the students excel in day-to-day life. Please contact Michelle Tooala on  07311383091, or email for more details.



When is this available?

This is available Monday – Friday both in term time and throughout the holidays, subject to availability.

Who is this for?

This is for our current students, young people who may have been student with us but have finished their formal education or other young people who may find our provision of interest.

How is this funded?

This is funded either via a social care budget or privately (not via EHCP).

What activities does the group do?

The activities depend on who is in the group and their interests. They have use of the facilities on campus, e.g. workshops, garden, farm. They can join Stride sessions (theatre company). The group also have access to college vehicles and may take trips off site. The sessions are overseen by our Day Services Manager, Michelle Tooala.

What is included?

The fee covers all onsite activities 9am-3.30pm. The group bring a packed lunch from home and join the students for lunch and lunchtime enrichment activities.

How much does this provision cost?

This is dependent on the level of support that the young person requires and therefor is calculated on an individual basis.

For further information please contact or Morven Simpson on 01924 255281 or complete this form.