At Camphill Wakefield, we are dedicated to providing high quality education. We recognise that every individual has unique abilities, challenges, and learning styles. Our goal is to provide a personalised, inclusive, and supportive learning environment that caters to each student’s needs to the best of our ability. We, therefore, offer a wide range of courses, programmes, and services that are designed to help our students achieve their full potential and develop the skills and knowledge necessary for employment, independent living, community inclusion, and health and wellbeing.


“The staff are so understanding”


“I look forward to gardening every week”


“I like making things to sell them at the fayre” 


Our curriculum is delivered through Three Pathways: Explore, Experience, and Achieve. Each pathway covers a broad range of subjects, including academic, vocational, and life skills, and we use a variety of teaching methods and technologies to accommodate different learning styles.