At Camphill Wakefield, we are dedicated to providing high quality education. We recognise that every individual has unique abilities, challenges, and learning styles. Our goal is to provide a personalised, inclusive, and supportive learning environment that caters to each student’s needs to the best of our ability. We, therefore, offer a wide range of courses, programmes, and services that are designed to help our students achieve their full potential and develop the skills and knowledge necessary for employment, independent living, community inclusion, and health and wellbeing.


“The staff are so understanding”


“I look forward to gardening every week”


“I like making things to sell them at the fayre” 


Our Education programme is split into three study programmes. These programmes provide the opportunity for students to progress and develop skills necessary for employment, independent living, community inclusion, and health and wellbeing. All our programmes are tailored to the individual with a focus on Life and Employability Skills, delivered using a range of workshops and outdoor education spaces.

Following an individual transition and an initial assessment process, each student follows a bespoke pathway of study. These pathways are Explore, Experience and Achieve....

The curriculum is studied through a variety of hands-on workshops. Workshops are assigned based on students interests, which are ascertained during the transition process:


Offers students a creative and hands-on learning environment, where they can develop practical skills in sewing, design, and fabric manipulation, fostering their artistic expression and empowering them to pursue careers in fashion, textile design, or related fields.

Small Animals

Provides students with a nurturing and educational setting to learn about and care for various small animals, promoting empathy, responsibility, and hands-on experience in animal care, fostering a deeper understanding of animal welfare and potentially inspiring future careers in animal care.

Multi Crafts

Offers students a diverse and engaging space to explore creative mediums and techniques, allowing them to develop their artistic abilities, enhance fine motor skills, and cultivate a sense of accomplishment through hands-on crafting fostering self-expression and creativity.


Provides students with an enriching and therapeutic environment to cultivate plants, learn about nature, and develop essential skills in horticulture, fostering a connection with the outdoors, promoting sensory exploration, and nurturing a sense of responsibility and environmental stewardship.


Offers students a unique and tactile experience, allowing them to express their creativity, develop fine motor skills, and experience the therapeutic benefits of working with clay, fostering a sense of accomplishment and providing opportunities for self-expression.